2017: The Year of YOU


“Dear Elizabeth,
This is long over-due, but I had to wait for photos of my fiancé’s reaction to share with you! 
THANK YOU is not nearly strong enough to express my gratitude for the experience you gave me. I have never felt so beautiful and confident in my life. The photos you captured, I will cherish forever. Not only does my husband love them for their sexual and scandalous demeanor, but because he could sense my confidence and happiness from each and every photo. We are overjoyed with the album. It exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to look at it for years to come. I intend to add to the collection someday, and I trust only YOU to capture those moments! Whether it’s to feel beautiful, sexy, confident, bad ass, whatever the emotion, you have a gift that allows those emotions to be expressed from each soul you touch. You have not only a talent for photography, but a gift of light that shines so bright on those who surround you (and I don’t mean your camera flash, haha). So thank you again, from the bottom of my heart, for helping me find love and comfort in myself. ❤
With love,
So…who’s ready to make 2017 the Year of YOU with me? I’m waiting for you….

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