The Non-High School Senior, High School Senior Session

high-school-senior-photographer-pittsburgh-elizabeth-craig-photography-004Continuing on with my “I don’t photograph High School Senior Portraits” thing, I’d like you to meet Olivia! I heard from her mother about a month and a half ago that Olivia wanted a high school senior session, Elizabeth Craig style. Apparently most of her friends have a lot of the same types of photos and Olivia’s mom talked with me about how Olivia really doesn’t like getting her photo taken. This gorgeous gal said that she was tired of looking like a little girl in her photos and genuinely tired of not liking what she saw looking back at her in those photos.

Challenge. Accepted. (Yes–you do hear this a lot from me and it’s meant with all my gusto every single time)

So, Lee Ann and I got to work! A touch of interesting fashion, a dabble of cool hair, all matched with gorgeous makeup…and here we go! Lee Ann and I fell in love with that little jumper and we knew we wanted Olivia’s hair up and with a bit of embellishment. I keep that dried flower crown around for such occasions and all the colors blended beautifully with the couch.

Of course it’s just not a fun session to me unless there is a huge skirt tossed in somewhere and Olivia looked adorable in it. One 7 Charming Sisters necklace tossed in for good measure and we had ourselves one very grown up, very beautiful gal.

Success. Achieved.


Photography, wardrobe styling and creative directing: Moi, of course
Hair & Makeup: At Home Beauty

PS–STILL not following me on Instagram? You should be. I’m insta-aweosome.

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