Amrita & Andrew | Married

Pittsburgh Indian Christian Weddings | Elizabeth Craig Photography-001Holy moly do I love mixed Indian weddings. You know why?? Because it’s the best of both worlds to me. Firstly, it’s 2 people coming together from very different backgrounds with the intent of merging those different backgrounds into a future of continued sharing, learning and spice. You gotta respect that. Secondly, for me, it’s just so darn pretty. All the colors, history and indulgences of the Indian culture, with a sprinkling of the classic Christian traditions…it’s just so lovely to watch unfold. A special shout out to Erin Calvimontes, owner of Divine Celebrations Event Planning. Another absolutely perfectly run, beautifully pulled-off, gorgeous wedding!!

This is just a sneak peek of Amrita & Andrew’s fantastical wedding weekend. They were one of the most down-to-earth, happy, easy-going, honest-to-goodness kindhearted couple ever. It will be my pleasure to share more of their day with you.

Stay tuned for more!Pittsburgh Indian Christian Weddings | Elizabeth Craig Photography-002

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