Copenhagen | John Craig Media-003What can I say about Copenhagen? It’s always a complete joy to immerse our family in any other culture. It’s a feast for all of the senses, and sometimes all at one time.

I think what I noticed most often was the grace of the Danish daily lifestyle. Calm, peaceful, quiet and always always always kind. All of that and feeling completely safe and comfortable in a country I have never visited. It was epic.

So, why do we travel? John and I agreed a long time ago that to be fully engaged in the art we are attracted to, we had to travel. My excitement comes from taking in the fashion, the food and the energy of the locals. For John, it’s about architecture, sunsets, the sites and everything that is anything worth photographing. For both of us, it’s about trying everything we can that we can’t try at home.

I’m really excited to share some of John’s photos with you. Giving John the chance to bring home an entirely new  portfolio is always one my favorite highlights of traveling. I never know what he has actually come up with until we get home. And I’m very pleased to say I can’t wait to get 2 of his photographs printed on giant canvases to hang in our home. He even had the idea to get my absolute favorite printed to make a big backdrop for my studio. Can you guess which one?

Also–I love taking a moment to not only celebrate John’s beautiful photography, but also to highlight his wonderful (and brilliant…but I’m biased) writing. So make sure to pop on over to John’s site and give a read to his interpretation of Copenhagen.

Here’s a teaser from his writing:

“Time has no meaning when there is only light. Three hours of dusk, the light is ever present. You can not see the dome of the sky. It’s as if the far left and right corners of the sky are being pulled infinitely upwards. A sheet of sky that is ever-reaching. The cityscape below is small, pushed into the earth, barley kissed by the sky.” 

Copenhagen | John Craig Media-008Copenhagen-006Copenhagen | John Craig Media-007Copenhagen | John Craig Media-002Copenhagen-007Copenhagen | John Craig Media-005Copenhagen | John Craig Media-001Copenhagen-005Copenhagen | John Craig Media-006Copenhagen | John Craig Media-004

5 thoughts on “Copenhagen

  1. These are beautiful. I love the color, texture and composition of the food photos. I really, really, love the light and color in all the photos at dusk, and especially the ones with water and reflections. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I came to your post and was just expecting photography, but these are more than just photography, they’re art pieces and they’re amazing. Really glad I found this post even if I’m this late!

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