On the Business of Beauty & Boudoir

IMG_1530Time for an update in the world of Elizabeth Craig Beauty & Boudoir Photography! Woo hoo!

It has been one slam-dam-whammy of a year and I want to thank all of my lovely clients for making this year the BEST year so far in my beauty & boudoir career. Seven years and still going so very strong. In fact, we’re going so strong that our new #1 focus in our business is this: the business of beauty & boudoir.

It’s been a breakout year for us (yes…”us”…even though John doesn’t photograph beauty & boudoir, believe me when I say he’s still 50% of this business. Couldn’t do it without him) and it’s also been one of the most exciting years for me. I focused on doing what I love, you all responded. It’s been magical.

So I’m thrilled to start a new year soon and experience all that this empowering, fun, creative and life-changing career has in store for me. As for you lovely ladies…I have new packages, new products, so many luxury amenities your head will spin. I have so many fun things in the works (eeeeeee!!!!) I can hardly contain myself.

Hear me: this is not just my year; this is YOUR year. I have seriously upped my game and my team and I are just buzzing right out of our tutus getting ready to WOW all of you.

So, an update for this year. I am currently totally booked solid for this year. I cannot take another session….my bursting seams will just explode. BUT! I do still have some room for Valentine’s Day!

And another BUT! I am limited for space and currently only have 6 slots left in which I can guarantee products by the big V Day. So if you’re considering a session contact me soon because once I’m filled, I’m filled.

Some recent convo’s with clients:

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 9.08.57 AM

Lovely makeover of above gorgeous woman with her cup o’ joe by Hannah Conard of Hannah Conard Beauty.

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