Celebrate Your Bump | Pittsburgh Maternity Boudoir

Pittsburgh Maternity Boudoir Photography-0009I don’t get maternity sessions often, but when I do I just love them. We looooove pampering these mamas-to-be and boy do they deserve it. Just a bit of time to themselves before all craziness ensues and life never ever is about you again (or at least not for 20+ years ;-))

So we were happy as can be when S came to spend some time with us. Not sure if you can tell by the photos but S is tiny! She was allllll belly and wow did we have fun hanging out with her. See that gorgeous hairpiece? Justine had the idea to have it made, now that we have a fabulous florist on the North Side. So I went down to see Lauren, owner of The Farmer’s Daughter Flowers, and she put together this stunner of a hair wreath. It was just gorgeous!

I’ll be showing S her photos this week and I can’t wait. Just can’t get enough of a woman with a bump!Pittsburgh Maternity Boudoir Photography-0005 Pittsburgh Maternity Boudoir Photography-0003 Pittsburgh Maternity Boudoir Photography-0002 Pittsburgh Maternity Boudoir Photography-0006 Pittsburgh Maternity Boudoir Photography-0001 Pittsburgh Maternity Boudoir Photography-0004 Pittsburgh Maternity Boudoir Photography-0007 Pittsburgh Maternity Boudoir Photography-0008Beautiful hair & makeup by Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.

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