10 Minute Engagement Session

Strip District Engagement Sessions-0002So, John and I have had this engagement session date set with Erica & Andy for a bit…but not surprisingly, Mother Nature interrupted our plans for the evening. If you haven’t spent much time in Pittsburgh lately then you may not be aware of the immense amount of rainfall we’ve had so far this summer. Sheesh…can’t a photographer get a break?!?

When I spoke with Erica about rescheduling she said her only concern was they they reallllly needed to get those Save the Dates out. Seeing a quick break in the downpour, we said we were on our way to capture a few lovely photos that they could use for the quickie Save the Dates and then we could reschedule the full sha-bang for another time.

I think we did a pretty good job for only having a wee bit of time before it started to rain…again. 😉

Strip District Engagement Sessions-0009 Strip District Engagement Sessions-0004Strip District Engagement Sessions-0011 Strip District Engagement Sessions-0005 Strip District Engagement Sessions-0006 Strip District Engagement Sessions-0003 Strip District Engagement Sessions-0008 Strip District Engagement Sessions-0001 Strip District Engagement Sessions-0007Can’t wait for round 2!!

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