Boudoir Beauty Photographer Pittsburgh-0001PHEW! Grab your fan, get a nice cold drink and sit right in from of your a/c vent…this is a hot one! This ‘lil sneak peek will get the blood pressure going for your commute to work. 😉

She blew me away! She was so timid and so nervous before she even walked into my studio….but then I just let Justine loose on her and she brings down the calm, the peace…the cathartic exhale…and then I’m left with a beautiful, cool, serene and ready-to-hit-the-ground running version of this gorgeous woman. Which is why we make such a good team. 😉

Fire engine number nine, coming down the Elizabeth Craig Photography line!! Weeeeew! Weeeew! Weeeew! Couldn’t resist that one….

Boudoir Beauty Photographer Pittsburgh-0003Boudoir Beauty Photographer Pittsburgh-0002Boudoir Beauty Photographer Pittsburgh-0004Smokin’ hot makeover by Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.

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