Photo Walk | The Creative Life

Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 9.01.54 AMInterested in learning how I do what I do?? Well, I’m about to unleash some mad info on how to do just that. You may not know this, but my super duper talented husband, John, is the one that taught me all I know about photography. So if you my photos are kinda coolio and you want to learn how to take photos on your fancy shmancy camera that drives you crazy with those knobs and stuff, here’s your chance. And the best part is….it’s FREE! Yeppers. Freesies.

When: Sunday, June 14, 2015
Where: Our studio on the North Side at 502. W. North Ave. Pgh 15212
Time: 10am What to bring: Your fancy shmancy DSLR with a fully charged battery. A notebook with a pen and all your questions.

And here’s a fun film by John to keep you entertained!

Can’t make it to the FREE Photo Walk? No worries…dates coming soon for small group workshops!

2 thoughts on “Photo Walk | The Creative Life

  1. Is that grey in the beard, John, or have you dipped your chin in the soup? Looking good though. Elisabeth, what’s it like to be married to an ‘older man”. He, He!

    Cheers to you both. Hope all went well on the day. I’ve got to find someone who can teach me how to use my mirrorless gear now that I’ve downsized.

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