You’re Going to LOVE This Wedding Story

Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0058OK–I’ve been holding onto this wedding for a few weeks because it’s just that special. I am in love with this couple. I am in love with their wedding day. I am in love with their story….and after reading this you will be too!

So meet Jessica & Nick. A.K.A….the cutest couple ever. So here’s their super romantic love story. Jessica & Nick have been together for about 15 months and are madly in love. As such, they decided to book a fabulous trip to Europe to spend some time together. After booking their trip, all of a sudden the topic of marriage started popping up here and there. Late one night, Nick said  “So hey you special gorgeous awesome kick-ass lady, let’s get married and stuff” (OK…I may have paraphrased here a teensy bit). So they decided that while they were on vacation they would do some ring shopping. How romantical!!

But then that’s when it gets really innnnneresting. While hanging out one day, they decided, nope…we’re going ring shopping. Right. Now. How terribly awful it was that it was on a Sunday and the only jeweler open on Sunday is Tiffany. Poor Jessica! So they slummed at Tif’s for an afternoon and picked out one snazzy humdinger of a gorgeous ring.

Nope–doesn’t end there folks. After slipping that sparkler on, Jessica & Nick had the most stupendous idea: what if, instead of celebrating their engagement in Europe, they actually celebrated their new marriage?? Ohhhhhh yes! I said it! So you guessed it: Jessica & Nick decided to have the loveliest, most intimate and mostest meaningful of all ceremonies the day they left to go to Europe. GAHHH!!!!! Can you take it?!?!

So, we showed up at the Mansions on Fifth at 10:30am, where John photographed Nick getting ready and I photographed Jessica. John said to me 3 times that Nick was so nervous. Not bad nervous; awesome love nervous. 😉 And it was so clear that he was right because Nick was a bundle of nerves until the very second he saw Jessica round that bend and walk into the chapel (conveniently located inside the hotel ;-)) Vows were recited, tears were shed and not just a few giggles, smiles and looks of endearing love. Then we got to head out and about to take some photos of this lovely couple. We finished just in time to deliver them back to the Mansions for a brunch with all the guests that attended their ceremony. Did I mention that “all the guests” were Jessica’s and Nick’s parents?? That’s right….it was so intimate, so incredibly romantic. It was simply perfect.

Make sure to notice the photo with the cutout heart in the shirt and the sewn-in heart on Jessica’s dress. That was her something blue and it just so happen to come from her dad’s shirt. That’s right…can we get a big collective “Awwwwwwww!!!!!”

Later that afternoon, their parents dropped them off at the airport for what I’m sure was way more of a special trip than they thought it would ever be when they first booked it! Now that’s how you honeymoon. 😉Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0051 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0001 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0004 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0007 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0012 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0010 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0002 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0011 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0005 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0006 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0009 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0008 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0003 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0013 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0014 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0015 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0016 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0017 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0020 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0018 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0019 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0021 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0022 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0024 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0023 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0025Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0040Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0041Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0042Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0043 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0026 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0027 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0028 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0029 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0030 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0032 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0034 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0036 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0035 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0037 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0038 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0039 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0044 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0045 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0050 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0046 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0049 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0052 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0061 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0056 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0057 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0054 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0053 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0060 Mansions on Fifth Weddings-0059Photos from their super-cool party/reception being held at the Hotel Monaco in August coming soon!

Venue: Mansions on Fifth
Hair & Makeup Styling: Beauty Justified

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