Who Wants to Learn How to Use That Fancy DSLR You Just Bought??

If you were following our Facebook page, along with our personal page, on Wednesday, you would’ve seen a little contest that rose up from the post with Sarah & Ben. John looooooved the photography from this wedding (me too!) and he said he had 2 faves from the post and if anyone could guess them both he’d give them a free DSLR lesson. Well…wow did we get a response to that!

So, first of all, if you didn’t already know this, John is an incredible teacher. He taught me every single thing I know about taking photographs…and now he’ll joke that he’s my sherpa. 😉 In any case, John offers workshops and classes throughout the year for beginner DSLR peeps and right now he’s doing one-on-one instruction. So if you went out and bought that fandancyofathing camera and have no idea how to use it, my husband can teach you how in just 3 hours. No joke. He’s that good. Contact us if you’re interested. You won’t regret it!

Second, we did get a few correct guesses with the photos…..buuuuut unfortunately no one got both of them correct. However, since we got such a great response, John decided to offer up a photo walk on Sunday, June 14 at 10am. And here’s the best part: it’s FREE! Yep, that’s right…you get full access to John to unleash the mysteries of the DSLR universe…for free. RSVP only please, so we know how many will attend. If we get a big response I’ll come along too and help. Bring your DSLR (no point and clicks!) with a fully charged battery and all of your questions. Wear comfortable shoes and meet at our studio at 502 W. North Ave. Pgh 15212.

And John’s most fave photos from Sarah & Ben’s post are:

Shady Elms Farm Weddings and Receptions Elizabeth Craig Photography-0155 Shady Elms Farm Weddings and Receptions Elizabeth Craig Photography-0146It’s always the kids that get him. 😉 Great job on the photos, John! They’re adorable!!

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