Just Can’t Help Myself

Beaut Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh-0001I can’t! I had a line up of a few things I could blog today but I just couldn’t resist another post showing off L. I almost never do 2 posts in a row on the same client but again…see title of this post. 😉

Beaut Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh-0002

What I looooove about these photos is that you get to see different aspects of L’s personality. In all 3 photos she’s showing something completely different: soft and feminine, direct and seductive, powerful and fierce. And this is the goal! My true goal with each woman is to show off as many parts of her personality as I can, because all women are complex, are we not?? We are chameleons of strength, power, softness and vulnerability. It may be difficult to identify with one or more of these sides of our dimensional self, but all dimensions are there…waiting to be set free. And I get to capture that. Beaut Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh-0003

Lovely lovely makeover by Ms. Hannah Conard of Hannah Conard Beauty.

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