Beauty/Boudoir Photography Schedule Update

Boudior Beauty Photography Pittsburgh-0009Oaky doaky! All you lovely ladies are burning up my inbox with your inquiries so I wanted to update everyone on reserving your sessions with me.

Boudior Beauty Photography Pittsburgh-0003I am now officially totally booked for Valentine’s Day and cannot take another session for that holiday. Woo hoo!

Boudior Beauty Photography Pittsburgh-0007So what can you reserve a session for? Well, your upcoming wedding, birthday, anniversary, his birthday (or hers), and my favorite reason: just because you rock. 😉

Boudior Beauty Photography Pittsburgh-0002Remember that I need 8 weeks from session date to product delivery so keep that in mind when considering when to reserve your session.

Boudior Beauty Photography Pittsburgh-0006For more information on what the heck I’m talking about in this post contact me. Boudior Beauty Photography Pittsburgh-0004Boudior Beauty Photography Pittsburgh-0010Boudior Beauty Photography Pittsburgh-0005Boudior Beauty Photography Pittsburgh-0001 Boudior Beauty Photography Pittsburgh-0008Beautiful makeover by Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.

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