Are You Ready for Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day Boudoir Gift Ideas-1I know, I know…who can even consider Valentine’s Day right now with the Christmas season barely under way?? Well, I figured I’d put it out there right now for you love birds so you know that timing for Valentine’s gifts are verrrrrry limited right now for me.

Valentine's Day Boudoir Gift Ideas-7

So, for those of you interested, I only have 1 slot left for a session that will allow me to get your products to you in time for Valentine’s Day. Grab it while it lasts!!

Valentine's Day Boudoir Gift Ideas-6

I am booked solid for the rest of the year and am now reserving sessions for the winter season in 2015. So, if you’re a bride looking for that whatoozie-woo of a gift to give her groom, the winter season is the time to reserve your session. Remember, I need at least 8 weeks from session date to product delivery so keep that in mind when considering when to reserve a session with me.

Valentine's Day Boudoir Gift Ideas-5 Valentine's Day Boudoir Gift Ideas-4 Valentine's Day Boudoir Gift Ideas-3 Valentine's Day Boudoir Gift Ideas-2Contact me when you’re ready!

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