Just a Bride and Her Horse

Bride with Horse-0007So when we drove all the way up to a teeny town right outside of Dubois to photograph an engagement session for Amanda & Paul, little did I know we were going to be able to include Windy, Amanda’s horse, in on the action.

Horses scare me a bit (I mean….they’re so BIG) but Windy was just about the most beautiful horse I’ve ever seen. Big and black, and not without a touch of attitude, she was just gorgeous. Unfortunately Windy was none too pleased to be a part of this shoot but I think we got a few to take away.

And here’s what made this part of the session so lovely: Amanda’s mom had her wedding dress, from over 20 years ago, redesigned just for this part of the session. It was just gorgeous!

Bride with Horse-0004Bride with Horse-0001Bride with Horse-0002Bride with Horse-0006Bride with Horse-0008Bride with Horse-0009Bride with Horse-0003Bride with Horse-0005Can’t wait to show you the photos with Paul! đŸ™‚

Beautiful hair and makeup by Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified.

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