About Me | Boudoir Photographer | Pittsburgh | Behind the Scenes

About me? Hmmmm….since when is a blog about weddings, beautiful women and amazing couples about…me? Well, today it’s alllll about me. 🙂

You see, I realize that everyone can see my work and gain insight into my style and into my head. And you’ve seen films that show my clients going thru their transformation and watching their process but you’ve never seen me and my process, nor have you ever had the chance to hear me talk about it.

Well, today is About Me. John and I decided to put together a short film showing a bit of what I do but mostly it’s me voicing my opinion about what I do. This will be added to my “About Me” page on my website. So when you fine ladies are asking “So…I have to play dress up and be my fine sexy self in front of who???” you will now know. 😉

So grab your coffee, kick your feet up and (hopefully) get ready for a heart-warming giggle or two. Get ready for ME ME ME ME ME!!!!! I give you ME!!!

Aaaannnnnd as much as this all about me, you know I could not have pulled off this film, nor this shoot (more photos coming soon!) without the help of some pret-ty incredible people I know that happily allowed me to borrow their talents for the day.

Floral designs and hairpieces: April and her team at Mocha Rose Floral Designs
Hair & Makeup: Justine Lynn of Beauty Justified
Session design: Alexis Maddox and her team at Shayla Hawkins Events
Stationary designs: Anne Lehman at Anne Lehman Design (photos coming soon!)
Session location: Mansions on Fifth
Film: John Craig

5 thoughts on “About Me | Boudoir Photographer | Pittsburgh | Behind the Scenes

  1. Absolutely in love! E you are the best! This is a perfect representation of all the wonderful work that you do!

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