Maternity Boudoir….Ummm…Huh??

Is there such a thing as maternity boudoir?? Well, I’m gonna toss out a big fat YEP! I remember being pregnant and no, I did not feel sexy. But that doesn’t mean that pregnancy can’t be celebrated as the feminine right of passage that it is.

Ya know, we see big bumps everyday. There are a thousand products you can buy for the expectant baby and all those that will be changed due to the birth of this baby. We see commercials for all-things-baby. There are websites, games, books, trips (yes, even trips!), mini-vans and every other thing you can possibly imagine, or not even begin to imagine, that have flooded our ears, eyes and all the rest of our senses when it comes to birthing a child. This is the act of actually creating a life inside of another life and then commanding our own bodies to sustain that life throughout it’s first year after the womb. That’s crazy. That’s magical…that’s INSANE! But yet, it’s a bit downplayed, to say the least. I mean, we give more attention to silly men in big uniforms of all colors of the rainbows patting each other on the bum and congratulating themselves for beings kings of the universe for catching a little ball and running with it till the turf turns to cement. Just sayin’….

So here I am, a silly woman in designer shoes sitting in front of a big light box typing away and telling you that celebrating your pregnancy as a mystical, magical, intimate and feminine experience is certainly ok in my book.

As you can see from the photos below, it just might be a pretty good idea after all…

Nude Maternity Boudoir Photos-0002

Maternity Boudoir-0001Nude Maternity Boudoir Photos-0001Nude Maternity Boudoir Photos-0004

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