Black & White Sizzle | Boudoir Photographer | Pittsburgh

Sizzzzzzzle Sizzzzzzzzle….wowza. πŸ˜‰ One $1.99 bodysuit found at a thrift shop goes a loooooong way.

M just rocked out this bodysuit. Every photo I took of her in this suit just steamed up the place. Course it helps that she knew exactly how to play up to camera. No inhibitions, no shyness, just plain old sizzle.

Sometimes you see a photo and know instantly you have to see it in black and white. Somehow it expresses the emotion better. Can’t explain why, just does. Each of these photos jumped out at me for black and white.

Black and White Boudoir Photos Pittsburgh-0003Black and White Boudoir Photos Pittsburgh-0002Black and White Boudoir Photos Pittsburgh-0004Black and White Boudoir Photos Pittsburgh-0001Black and White Boudoir Photos Pittsburgh-0006Black and White Boudoir Photos Pittsburgh-0007Black and White Boudoir Photos Pittsburgh-0008

Sizzle on, girl….sizzle on.

Looking to get your sizzle on? I’m waiting…..get. it. on. girl.

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