Before & After Glamour Beauty Portraits

Oh how I love Before & Afters. So so so much fun to see a woman come in nervous and excited and then I show them a glimpse of themselves on the screen on the back of my camera and hear the squeal of delight.

Meet Katelyn. You may be seeing a lot of her as she is going to compete for the first time in the Miss Pennsylvania pageant this year. If she’s as graceful and kind in the competition as she was in my studio then the other ladies better look out! 😉 It was a marvelously fun Girl’s Day giving Katelyn a makeover and taking photos of her. Just never gets old for me.

Glamour Boudoir Photos Before & After Glamour Photos | Pageant Head Shots-0010 Glamour Photos | Pageant Head Shots-0011 Glamour Photos | Pageant Head Shots-0013 Glamour Photos | Pageant Head Shots-0014 Glamour Photos | Pageant Head Shots-0015

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