The Transformation | Beauty Portraiture

Pittsburgh Boudoir Glamour Fashion Beauty Photography-0001

Yessssss….the transformation. It’s amazing to see the transformation unfold with each of my clients. They are always nervous, always vulnerable and always excited. They come in a little giddy and a bit closed down. They talk with me. They tell me about where they come from, what they do, why they are with me. And Justine never let’s them see themselves until their look is complete. And then it happens….they go from nervous woman that is thinking about what they need from the grocery store on the way home to a woman that glows from head to toe and is now thinking about calling each of their girlfriends for an evening out because for the love of all things filled with caramel, dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with sea salt they. look. good. No no no…they look incredible! And they step in front of my camera and they let me mold them into what I know they want to see and the room just fills with magic. I see them begin to trust me, then they know what to do before I even tell them and all of a sudden they just own the room. It is simply glorious to see every woman I work with come alive, bursting with ownership and love of themselves.

Accepting appointments for your transformation today. 😉

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