Sarah & Graham | The Pennsylvanian Wedding Receptions | Wedding Slideshow

Yes…’tis that time to finally show you Sarah & Graham’s lovely reception at The Pennsylvanian! April over at Mocha Rose Floral Designs really outdid herself this time with such lovely creations for the arrangements. Just gorgeous. 🙂 And all the little details, all the smiles and hugs, all the dancing and partying really just came together to make the night a very special one. The toasts were beautiful, the food was delicious, the dance floor was packed and a fantastic night was had by all!

And a little shout out to my girl Justine Kolano and her team over at Beauty Justified! Thanks for making the girls so gorgeous…as always!

And as I was going thru all the images I wanted to share, I realized that over 100 is just plain silly. So, in an effort to just give you a good vision of the day, I’m going to post their slideshow. It’s so much easier. 😉

You’re gonna love it. Enjoy!

Music credits:
The Temper Trap: Sweet Disposition
Jason Mraz: Living in the Moment
Bruno Mars: Marry You

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