Beauty Portraits | Boudoir, Glamour, Fashion Boudoir Photography | Pittsburgh

I’ve been working on really streamlining my Intimates business and it’s been so much fun. I recently had a friend and colleague ask me for help on some marketing materials in her business and it made me realize how all-over-the-place I am in my own marketing. Time to batten down the hatches.

Marketing is probably the least fun thing to do with a business but, as I am quite the nerd, I actually like it. I never have time to do a lot…but I still like it. I think my favorite part is going thru my work to select the images that I think will catch attention. It’s interesting to see my work from year to year and I love that each year my work gets better and better (hopefully). Along with the changes in my work, it’s also interesting to see where the trends are heading and it’s even fun to try and forecast where they’re going. 

This type of photography started off with stilettos, corsets and thongs. It started off with the message of “show him what you’ve got Girl!” and has really transformed into “show yourself what you’ve got Woman!” And I am so very excited about that because I think most women spend a lifetime taking care of everyone else and very little time really focusing on themselves. And it’s flipping awesome to be reminded from time to time how incredible we are individually and as a gender. Yup…we rock. Along with all of this, boudoir photography has really changed. It’s been exciting to watch it move from reserving a session for him to really reserving a session for yourself. So it’s not really “boudoir” photography anymore. It’s fashion, glamour….really…it’s just plain Beauty. That’s what I had in mind when I named my company Elizabeth Craig Intimates instead of Elizabeth Craig Boudoir. Intimates and Beauty photography is so much more than just boudoir. And Beauty is so much more than pretty. It’s inside and outside pretty. It’s strength and power pretty. It’s vulnerable and feminine pretty. It’s all the complicated bits and pieces of a woman’s soul vibrating together to make up that magnificent being that is so much more than can be defined by one word or one definition. We’re way too cool for that.

So as I go thru my photos and look into the eyes of the complex beings that have put their trust in me to shine a light on all that they are in one single frame…I say thank you. Thank you for trusting me and for believing in me. But mostly for believing in yourself enough to know you have the right to celebrate you for a moment. Well done. 😉

Boudoir Photographer | Pittsburgh-0002

Boudoir Photographer | Pittsburgh-0001

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