Sarah & Graham | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers

Yup. A little more from Sarah & Graham. My intention was to put up a few photos from their portraiture and then bombard you with their fabulous reception at The Pennsylvanian but then I went and chose a ton of portraits. So the reception can wait till next week!

I love Mellon Park for portraiture because you can always find a space where the sun works for you. Outdoor wedding photography can be difficult for portraiture because it’s typically at a time when the sun is high in the sky, which usually causes shadowing and hot pockets of light in some areas while others are shaded (think standing under a tree with the sun right on top of it). But Pittsburgh has all sorts of gems of locations where you can get what you need. πŸ™‚ Mellon Park is such a place. The glow behind Sarah’s veil in this first photo is proof of that.

We also took a quick trip over to the Smithfield Street Bridge for a bridge shot, as you can see. This is probably one of our most popular photo spots ever. Fine by me…you can see why. πŸ˜‰

Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0002 Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0003 Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0004 Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0005 Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0006 Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0007 Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0008 Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0009 Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0010 Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0011 Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0012 Mellon Park Wedding Photos-0013

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