That’s My Girl | Fashion Boudoir | Pittsburgh

Did you miss Ms. Justine? You should have. She’s flipping gorgeous. 😉 I keep looking over her photos and I just love how colorful everything is. I think I like the green set the best because she had on a green dress with a green foliage background and those incredible green/yellow eyes just make that set pop!

We’re going to be doing a new shoot with Justine because….well…look at her. Ya know what I’m saying here? Can’t wait…gonna be a good one.

Pittsburgh Fashion Boudoir Photographer-0004

Pittsburgh Fashion Boudoir Photographer-0001 Pittsburgh Fashion Boudoir Photographer-0002 Pittsburgh Fashion Boudoir Photographer-0003By now you should know who Justine is around the ‘Burgh but if you don’t or if you’d like to see more of her work take a minute to drop by her site or her Facebook page!

One thought on “That’s My Girl | Fashion Boudoir | Pittsburgh

  1. Hello,
    Not sure if you do tfp, but if so, I would love to shoot with you. I am intrigued with your style and find your work as captivating and inviting. I am not a professional model, but have worked with 4 photographers this past year. If I could be of service, please let me know.

    Thank you,

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