Gina & Jonathan | Engaged | Cleveland

So a bit more from Gina & Jonathan’s Engagement Session in Cleveland. We had such a lovely time meeting the family and simply taking a walk with Gina & Jonathan. That’s my favorite part of an Engagement Session: the walk. We get to hear all about the plans for the wedding, all about how these 2 people ended up right there, on that day, taking a walk with us to celebrate their engagement.

Gina & Jonathan were quite an easy couple to photograph. They were very comfortable with each other and had great chemistry. The ease of their intimacy was very clear on camera and really made our job fun.

Cleveland Engagement Session-0027Cleveland Engagement Session-0026Cleveland Engagement Session-0018Cleveland Engagement Session-0017Cleveland Engagement Session-0022Cleveland Engagement Session-0016Cleveland Engagement Session-0019Cleveland Engagement Session-0024Cleveland Engagement Session-0021Cleveland Engagement Session-0020Cleveland Engagement Session-0023Cleveland Engagement Session-0015

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