Re-imagining You | Boudoir Glamour Photography

Boudoir Before and After-0001

Can you re-imagine you? Or maybe a better term is regenerate you. Reach down deep, find that gal inside that’s been raising kids, leading the Girl Scouts, baking the pies, giving the whoops of pride at the homeruns, hugs for the losses, running the business, putting out fires, saving the world…and bring her back with a bang? I feel like most women go thru a very similar process while getting comfortable in their own skin and it looks like this:

~Our 20’s. Live it up. Total freedom. Lots and lots of sass and grabbing onto life with both hands. Never looking back and never even considering that anything could possibly be impossible. Youth will live forever.

~Our 30’s. Beckoning reality and realizing that life and love exists so much further outside of ourselves. True love. Career. Maybe some babies…maybe not. Sinking into who we really are but knowing that balance is a mystery. Giving up huge chunks of ourselves so that others we love can find joy.

~Our 40’s. Balance is coming back. Finding out we can actually give ourselves back some love. Realizing that in order for true beauty to find us again we must clean out the insides first….and watch the glow start to come back in our cheeks. Finding we can just “be” and that makes us happy. Celebrating yourself a little more. You did it. 😉 The kids are awesome, the house is still standing, the bank account is growing….life is….great.

And I have to stop there. I’m not 40 yet but so close I feel I can give a little insight into it but my overall consensus on the 50’s and above will have to wait a bit….but looking forward to it.

We all lose and find ourselves so many times in a lifetime it’s enough to make your head spin. But isn’t that what it’s all about? For L, it was about finding herself again. She had taken the time to focus on herself and fulfilled her goal of losing a considerable amount of weight thru a lot of hard work, days at the gym and re-establishing what her body needed. I can’t tell you how honored I was to celebrate this milestone with her and that she chose me, out of all the photographers she could have gone with, to fulfill this part of the dream for her.

When asked how she wanted to be photographed she said she just wanted to look and feel beautiful. As you can see, that wasn’t hard for her to do. All we needed were those gorgeous baby blues and a conjuring of a side of L she hadn’t seen in a while. 😉

Boudoir for Women in their 40's-0012Boudoir for Women in their 40's-0001

Beauty, power, transformation…age does not matter. 😉

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