Engagement Sessions in the Winter of Pittsburgh

You’d think going out in the cold would be worth it for an E-Session in Pittsburgh. Lots of beautiful and historical architecture, snowy days with billowing clouds….ahhhh….sweet romance in the snow. Well, every session is worth any amount of discomfort for us but I feel reaaalllll bad for Robyn & Steve on this one. Eesh. I’m not sure if you were out and about yesterday but OUCH. It. Was. Cold. Ca-old. Seriously, bone-chilling, make-sure-your-digits-don’t-fall-off cold. Somehow Robyn & Steve pulled thru! What troopers! Not only did they brave the cold but they did it happily, they warmed up to the camera and they just ignored the cold and gave John and myself some great love. Way to go Robyn & Steve!

Mellon Park Engagement Session Pittsburgh-0001 Mellon Park Engagement Session Pittsburgh-0002 Mellon Park Engagement Session Pittsburgh-0003 Mellon Park Engagement Session Pittsburgh-0004 Mellon Park Engagement Session Pittsburgh-0005 Mellon Park Engagement Session Pittsburgh-0006

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