Sweetness | Boudoir Glamour Photography | Pittsburgh

Tissue I found in my basement + string from my daughter’s arts and crafts box + a few safety pins + one paint dropcloth for $4 + an incredibly beautiful woman =

Glamour Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh-0058Glamour Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh-0057Glamour Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh-0056Glamour Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh-0055Glamour Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh-0054Glamour Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh-0053Glamour Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh-0052Glamour Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh-0050Glamour Boudoir Photography Pittsburgh-0051

It’s never just about taking good photos. It’s about letting go. It’s about celebrating you. It’s sweetness, power, softness, ferocity, courage…

It’s about the experience. It’s about you.

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