Kristen & Brandon | Omni William Penn Weddings

Sooooo we finally get to Kristen & Brandon’s incredible reception! You’ve seen Kristen get ready, their First Look and some of the ceremony, and you’ve seen their beautiful portraiture…now it’s time for the party. 😉

Just a few details I’d like to point out. This is where Ericka from Shayla Hawkins Events wedding planning really outdid herself. Details, details, details…d.e.t.a.i.l.s!!!!! I am a fool for details and this wedding about made me pass out. Kristen & Brandon were all about giving their guests lots of fun and pampering while also giving them lots of eye-candy and the Omni William Penn was the perfect place to achieve all of this. And they didn’t forget about the wedding party, let me tell you. Kristen & Brandon even reserved the private Speakeasy in the hotel for their wedding party to luxuriously relax while guests enjoyed the sumptuous cocktail hour.

There was a 7 ft. table card tree, a generations tree that had framed photographs of relatives that had been married before them, a table that showed off Kristen & Brandon’s kitty cats in frames as well as a little basket full of cat nip and doggy treats that guests could take home to their treasured pets, a caricature artist for guests to take advantage of, a harpist to enjoy during cocktail hour, a hot pretzel station with tons of do-it-yourself toppings, butlered h’orderves, a to-die-for coffee and liqueur station with chocolate covered spoons for stirring, flavored marshmallows to melt in your drink such as coconut, vanilla, caramel swirl….flavored syrups and white and milk chocolate shot cups in which the bartender would fill up to the brim your favorite liqueur blend to sip or shoot. There were also baskets of flip flops to dance the night away in, a dessert station that had the most delectable and beautiful treats that were so pretty you couldn’t decide whether to stare at them or eat them, a photo booth for guests to enjoy, 3 foot flowered trees laced with votives and cute little signs that shared stories about Kristen & Brandon’s relationship for each table, cloth menus (what an elegant touch!!) and a gigantic flowered garland that laid across the head table and draped onto the floor. And not to mention the beautiful wedding cake that Kristen & Brandon cut, along with the grooms cake: 3 of their kitty cats all curled up together. Yes, Brandon loves his cats. 😉 And I’m sure I’m missing a ton here but you get the idea on the details here….if you know anything about me you know that I. Was. In. Heaven.


Omni William Penn Weddings-0001

Omni William Penn Weddings-0034 Omni William Penn Weddings-0002 Omni William Penn Weddings-0003 Omni William Penn Weddings-0004 Omni William Penn Weddings-0005 Omni William Penn Weddings-0006 Omni William Penn Weddings-0007 Omni William Penn Weddings-0008 Omni William Penn Weddings-0009 Omni William Penn Weddings-0010 Omni William Penn Weddings-0011 Omni William Penn Weddings-0012 Omni William Penn Weddings-0013 Omni William Penn Weddings-0014 Omni William Penn Weddings-0015 Omni William Penn Weddings-0016 Omni William Penn Weddings-0017 Omni William Penn Weddings-0018 Omni William Penn Weddings-0019 Omni William Penn Weddings-0020 Omni William Penn Weddings-0021 Omni William Penn Weddings-0022 Omni William Penn Weddings-0023 Omni William Penn Weddings-0024 Omni William Penn Weddings-0025 Omni William Penn Weddings-0026 Omni William Penn Weddings-0027 Omni William Penn Weddings-0028 Omni William Penn Weddings-0029 Omni William Penn Weddings-0030 Omni William Penn Weddings-0031 Omni William Penn Weddings-0032 Omni William Penn Weddings-0033What a night!!


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