Before & After Boudoir Glamour Photography | Pittsburgh

OOoooooohhhh my. Check out S. You wouldn’t know it from these photos but S is 5’11” and is a teeny little thing. Holy cow was she fun to work with. That hair, that height, the twinkle in her eye when she smiled. We had a blast.

Since we couldn’t work too much with S’s hair, we really focused on changing up her makeup. You’ll see in the sneak peek I posted of her in the red dress that Justine and I chose to do a much more natural look compared to S’s makeup change for her outfit with the black background. I wanted to go a lot more fierce with that look and it did make all the difference. I told S this was her “Diana Ross” moment and WOW did she pull it off, right??

Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography-0001Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography-0003Pittsburgh Boudoir Photography-0002

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