Kristen & Brandon | Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers

Sooooo I thought about putting up photos from Kristen & Brandon’s creative portraiture as well as their reception but I have to tell you….there is so much I have to break it up. Otherwise it would be a gigantic post. I know on most wedding photographer’s blogs you get a brief look at the entire day in one post but I just can’t do it. I’ve tried and tried and maybe it’s just my obsession with showing you ever single last teensy detail but I simply can not get it down to one post. Sue me. 😉

You saw Kristen’s incredible wardrobe and accessories for the day…now I get to show them off in action. Here you get to see that Vera Wang gown in all its glory along with those i.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e Sergio Rossi shoes. And just look at Brandon…he’s so handsome! His custom tux fit him like a glove. And I want to make a comment about the bridesmaids gowns because the deep purple color and flowy design was magical. Each gal just seemed to glide in their Jenny Yoo gowns. And before I get a ton of emails overloading my inbox about Kristen’s hairpiece: it’s from Enchanted Atelier Couture.

OK–we all know how much I heart Mellon Park. It’s a playground of textures, colors, architecture and Mother Nature all in one short walk. I can take one photo that looks like we’re in the woods and the next looks like we’ve been transported to a little grotto somewhere else in time. But what makes the photos special and what gives them that certain romantic sweetness is the couple. Every couple is different, every couple has a different chemistry and every couple responds to their surroundings differently. As you can see with Kristen & Brandon they had wonderful chemistry. Their day was all romance and stolen moments, which was, of course, our goal to capture.

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Next up: one of the most fabulous receptions EVER…all designed and brought to life by Erika over at Shayla Hawkins Events.

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