Kristen & Brandon | Omni William Penn Weddings

OK, listen…I’m a girl that appreciates beauty, luxury and pampering. And I’m a girl that can spot these things pretty easily but I have to tell you, Kristen’s eye for these specific details was simply spot-on.

I have said it before that I I love when couples really pamper themselves on their wedding day. There aren’t many big occasions in your life when the focus of the day is you and yours so if you can take that day and make it all about you and what you desire, then I say do it. And Kristen did it and did it well. There were more designer names floating around this day then I can even remember. Now, I loooooooove designer fashion. I don’t own any because although I can appreciate it (and I actually buy designer fashion products for my close friends) it’s just not something that is a priority in my own life (I’m sorry…did I just say that out loud?? Yikes). But again, I really appreciate designer fashions on a wedding day because, again, it’s a day that you don’t get to do over and it’s a day that really is all about you. So whatever you can do to make that day special for you, you absolutely should do.

I’m just going to list the designer fashions going on below because I always get smashed with emails asking where, what, when and why after I blog a post showing all the delicious details. 🙂

Bride’s gown: Vera Wang. Bride’s shoes: Sergio Rossi. Bridesmaid’s gowns: Jenny Yoo. Bridesmaid’s shoes: Yves Saint Laurent. Bride’s clutch: Andrew McQueen. Bride’s reception hair piece: Enchanted Atelier Couture. Groom’s tuxedo: Custom. Groom’s shoes: Allen Edmonds.


Vera Wang Andrew McQueen Sergio Rossi Wedding

Vera Wang Pittsburgh

Jenny Yoo Wedding Pittsburgh

Yves Saint Lauren Wedding PittsburghVera Wang Wedding Pittsburgh-0001

Vera Wang Wedding Pittsburgh-0002

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