Why You Should Get Good at Taking Photos | Pittsburgh Beginner DSLR Photography Workshop

So, why should you get good at taking photos? Let’s talk about that for a moment. I could probably list quite a few reasons you might want to get good at using that DSLR you just bought or are about to get for Christmas…you know….that one you spent $500 to $1000 for and still shoot on Auto, wondering why you can’t take a decent photo to save your life?

Let’s see….
~Family gatherings (ahem…holidays are knocking at your door people!)
~Kids’ sporting events (wanna know how to capture Junior in mid-kick?)
~Milestones for you and your family

And here is a reason I bet you never thought of: communicating with the world. Good one, right? Got your interest a bit? But this is not a new concept to you. Things such as Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram…we now live in a world where we can communicate instantly and not just with words anymore. We can now communicate where we are, what we’re doing, what we just accomplished, what we are failing at, what we’re proud of and just the general goings on of life….and all visually. Think about Pinterest. Here is an online forum where we mostly communicate via images. New outfits to wear, recipes to cook, hairstyles to try, crafts to make, weddings to plan…if you can imagine it and want to share any part of that imagination with anyone in the world, well, you can do it. And wanting to do it well isn’t a bad idea. If you’re a Pinterest addict, like myself, you know the value of posting a visually pleasing photo. How many times have you caught yourself clicking on an image just to see it a little better because it caught your eye? Want to take photos better for your Pinterest boards? You should, because women are the driving force behind Pinterest and it’s an incredible forum where any idea you have can be shared in an instant, putting you at a place to claim your fame…even if just for a day. 🙂

And how many photos do you find yourself sharing with your online buddies and family members thru Facebook? Learn how to take your own photos well and sharing incredible photos with your out-of-state family just got a bunch more exciting.

And we can’t forget to mention Instagram. Where else can you take super cool photos on your phone, layer it with a super cool preset and post it so the world can see thru your eyes, even just for a moment? I’ve had people say to me: “Ummm, yeah. How come my Instagram photos don’t look like yours?” ‘Cuz I’m good at it. 😉 I know composition. And you can too.

So if you’d like to continue communicating with the world visually, just better, then click here and come see us. I guarantee Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram will become a whole ‘lot more fun if you do.

And if you’d like to start following me on any of these sites, just click on any of the linked sites above.

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