Boudoir Glamour Photography | Mansions on Fifth | Pittsburgh

Well I gave you a little sneak peek of J’s session that I was thrilled to do at the Mansions on Fifth. If you’re not familiar with this location it. is. incredible…to say the least. Every room, every nook, every cranny, every detail is simply luxurious and elegant. Truly one of the most lovely upscale hotels in the city.

I’m not sure you if you remember my first shoot at this location but let me say…it was a pleasure to visit it again and the courtesy and graciousness with which we were treated was unforgettable. So if you’re thinking of ever staying here or holding your event or wedding at this location I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.

J was simply stunning. Legs that went clean up to her neck, a smile to die for and an elegance that my camera just fell in love with (not to mention the incredible stylings of Ms. Justine of Beauty Justified).

I mean seriously…I want a stay-cation here! For a week!!

One of my favorite photos of the day showing off J’s graceful nature. Lovely.

Lots more to come!

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