Harmonious Pandemonium | Amanda & Mike


It’s only been 3 days since this shoot and I feel like I’ve been jumping out of my skin to share this with you….

Meet Amanda & Mike. Amanda came to me about 3 or 4 months ago to discuss her Engagement Session ideas. She said to me “We want something unique. We want something a bit darker than the norm. We want the Angelina Jolie/Brad Pitt “Domestic Bliss” photo shoot meets a Dolce & Gabbana ad.” And my words were “Well, you got the right girl for that!” I was thrilled, giddy…simply beside myself. And so the process began.

Here I was, given the chance to conceptualize, design and completely direct this unique session. I needed to think of photo compositions, wardrobe, direction and most importantly: the location. As soon as Amanda told me her idea I immediately thought of a suite at the Fairmont Hotel in which I had previously photographed. So I contacted the hotel in hopes of discussing my thoughts. Soon came a meeting and poof! We were given the suite of my dreams to photograph this shoot.

I had 4 wardrobe changes and 5 sets in mind and began to build from there. It was important to me to show 2 separate things during this shoot: the dark and sultry side of love and also the sweet and romantic side. It was important to me that Amanda & Mike had a story to show in the imagery that revealed grit, darkness and sex but at the same time have photographs to hang on their walls in their home without having to explain the concept. đŸ˜‰ So while I was taking all the still imagery, John was videotaping with his new love: the D800. He was able to merge the 2 into the awesome video below (thank you Love!!)

So what you see in the video below is mostly the brighter side of the day. I will be posting a few more blog entries to show the darker side. You are gonna love it!

Seriously super special thanks to my girl, Justine Kolano of Beauty Justified, for both Amanda & Mike’s hair and makeup, her assistance with absolutely everything and her brilliance (she threw together that bridal cap in about 2 shakes). Thanks to you too Stephanie!!!  And more special thanks to Julie Abramovic of the Fairmont Hotel for letting me take over and do my own thing. Seriously…no one should be allowed to have this much fun.

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