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Ohhhh la la la…what a day what a day what a day! At first this blog post was simply going to be about a few details from Jessie & Jon’s wedding day at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort but as I went thru the beginning of the day I realized there was just too much I wanted to cover in this first post so you’re going to get a bit more. Yay!

Ok—so you’re going to look at Jessie’s rings and think ‘WOW! Girl likes diamonds!” But let me fill you in on how special these 2 rings are. That huge gawker of a stone in her engagement setting is a diamond that actually belonged to Jessie’s great-grandfather. He had a pocket watch that held that diamond and it’s been in the family ever since. Jessie was lucky enough to include this sentimental part of her great-grandfather in a setting that was designed and constructed by a family member who happens to also be a jeweler. And that absolutely lovely eternity wedding band actually belonged to her great-grandmother. Jessie had it cleaned and oh my goodness, just look at it! It’s incredible!

The whole getting ready part of the day was so fun. I walked into a room of excited and super sweet bridesmaids and Jessie doing what girls like to do: chatting, eating, getting makeovers. Oh yeah. My kinda day. 😉 With reports all along coming in from John via text about Jon and his groomsmen having fun getting ready I knew this day was going to be magical. You see I’ve been waiting for this wedding all year. Jessie was so kind enough to include me in all her preparations and details (which, if you know me at all is like letting me loose in a candy store…or more accurately a shoe store ;-)) So to see all the Pinterest posts come alive was a ton of fun for me.

And now, the weather report. It was so gloomy, so rainy, so cold, so….blah when this day started. And then right as Jessie was finishing up putting her dress on you would never believe the parting of the clouds, the way the sun came out and the appearance of the bluest sky ever. It was incredible! So off Jessie and I went to go meet John and Jon for Jessie & Jon’s First Look. Eeeeeeee!

This was such a sweet moment. Jessie & Jon are big hikers (and campers and kayakers) so it was important to them to meet in a place that went along with the activities they built their relationship around. John and I had gone to Nemacolin a few days earlier to scout out a location or two for this and we found this lovely, small gravel path we thought would be perfect for that time of day and wow…yes, we were right.

And my my my…look at that bouquet! How incredible. It was almost all succulents and it really was a sight to see. Yes, that’s an artichoke you see. Little secret: although this bouquet was to die for it also weighed as much as a small dog. No joke…it was so heavy Jessie had a hard time holding it up for photos!

And then a little break so that Jessie could open her gift from Jon. Ladies: little blue box. Need I say more??

And wait till you see the ceremony!

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  1. Wow! Incredibly sweet and intimate look at the wedding day beginnings. Brought tears to my eyes once more.
    Thanks so much for sharing!


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