Why Do You Want to be Photographed Anyway?

Boudoir & glamour photography is not a new concept. Remember Glamour Shots? C’mon…we all did it. 😉 Then Glamour became cheesy and laid low for a while only to end up reemerging with a new twist…a sultry twist. And thus Boudoir Photography was born. And just when you were getting used to boudoir-style photos we see it is now emerging in a new direction as well, much like wedding photography has grown into. It’s no longer bums, thongs and stilettos; it’s high-fashion, magazine-style…it’s gigantic, it’s dramatic and it finally has become less and less about impressing your significant other and more about celebrating you. And c’mon ladies…we work hard for that money…sometimes you just need to jump off that merry-go-round, reset and remember yourself for once.

So may I recommend something to all you lovely women out there considering a boudoir/glamour session? May I suggest that you consider the idea that it’s ok to do this for you? I understand that many of you believe in order to spend this kind of money you need a reason. A really good reason. But perhaps you just need to shift your thinking a little, just like boudoir and glamour photography has shifted. It’s difficult to justify photographing your bum in a thong or laying in a corset with garters on a couch only for those photos to be hidden in an album and stuffed in a drawer, praying no one ever looks in that drawer. You get that one “WOW” factor when you present the album to your significant other and then it’s over. You may talk about it the next day or even a week after but eventually the photos become a story of “that one time…” These sessions are still sexy as ever. They still celebrate each woman in her own form, as she wants to be seen.


But now they are equal parts sexy and soulful. Rather than the focus being on your bum, it’s on your inner self. It’s every part of you. It’s the girlie girl, the high-fashion girl, the fun girl, the sexy girl, the deep girl, the flirty girl, the soft girl, the shy girl. Your session should include every part of you (if you have the right photographer). And not all of these photographs are to be hidden away anymore. These are photographs to be shared, hung in your living room and passed down to great-grandchildren so they can see when GG was a smokin’ hot goddess not to be trifled with. It’s so your granddaughters and great-granddaughters can see your courage, your femininity…your soul, and touch a part of you that could never be touched before and more importantly, take it with them in their own lives. You’re leaving behind part of your legacy to be celebrated, as it should be.

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