Armstrong Farms Weddings | Jamie & Jim

Holy cow what a wonderful wedding  we had the pleasure of photographing this weekend. Now, you may not know this but I’m a country girl at heart. Where I grew up horse shoes, fire pits, loud music and the great outdoors were just a way of life. So once you look thru the photos below you’ll see why I was so at home with Jamie & Jim’s wedding. It was absolutely spectacular and what made it so spectacular was that Jamie & Jim did their best (and succeeded) in making their wedding a true family affair. It was down-home, it was comfortable, it was intimate, it was fun, it was simply lovely. From the massive amounts of dancing and partying in the barn, to the little details around the farm, to the outdoor games set up for the little and big kids to the bonfire burning all day and into the night…it was a sweet day.

So take your time and enjoy this sweet sweet story. 😉

OK–this is the one photo I will explain….Jamie & Jim have 2 of the most adorable daughters. Ever. Gracie & Abby really lit up the day with their funny shenanigans and good old sisterly picking and here you see Marley. Ahhhhh Marley. Gracie found this little cutie hopping around on the grounds and couldn’t help herself. So a new (but temporary) home was quickly put together for Marley. He was shown tons of love for 2 days and then set free on the day after the wedding to go back to his life of freedom. But how cute is that 2nd photo??

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