Dancing, Twirling…Being a Girl | Glamour Boudoir Photography

I don’t know about you but when I was little I couldn’t think of anything more fun than playing dress up and twirling and dancing about as if I was in a video on MTV (which by the way had just been created…yes, I’m dating myself).

As we grow older we tend to lose that little girl inside, or at least we tell her to behave and act more grown up. But ya know…sometimes you gotta bring her out and play a little. Not every woman I work with wants to bring that side of herself out and that’s fine. Each woman is different and each woman walks in with a certain expectation of how they want their session to go and it’s important to me to collaborate to get her what she wants. But I can feel when I’m with a woman that just needs to dance, play, twirl and have fun. Again–you do nothing I don’t do with you so don’t think these women just started rockin’ it out. 😉 We dance together, I show them how to dance in a way that is flattering to the camera, how to turn their head, where to look and once she’s comfortable enough and fluid enough in her movements it’s then that I pick my camera back up. I also continue to give encouragement and direction as she’s moving because we women tend to curl inside ourselves physically when we get nervous. Our chins sink back into our neck (double chin), our arms come in close to our sides (giving the appearance of a wider body), our shoulders creep up into our ears (no neck) and our back begins to hunch in (shortening the body). So I keep talking, keep encouraging and I turn the music up a little louder for this set. I’m also quick because the confidence a woman has to do this doesn’t last long.

But when it all comes together and she let’s herself be free for that moment…well, you get it.

Want to learn more about how I do what I do? Go here.

Hair & makeup styling by Renee Supra of Beauty Justified.

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