Carnegie Museum Hall of Sculptures Weddings | Carrie & Randy

So very excited for this post. Now, as a wedding photographer there is not one part of the day I’m not in love with. Every step of the day offers something fun to capture whether it’s the jitters, the tradition, the fun, the intimacy, the laughs, the tears, the dancing and letting loose….every moment is a photographer’s dream. Buuuuuuut….if I had to pick just ooooone part of the day that holds a special place in my heart it would be the creative portraiture.

It’s really where I get to stretch my creative legs…so to speak. And every couple is different so every couple experiences this part of the day with us in a different way. Depending on the personalities, the styles, the location…you never know what will inspire us. My goal during this time is to show fun and romance, sweetness and smiles and a true expression of who this couple really is when they’re together.

I know you’ve seen some photos of Carrie getting ready for her wedding day and the ceremony in the Hall of Sculptures at the Carnegie Museum of Art as well (love love love love love…repeat) The day had seriously run late for Carrie & Randy’s wedding day and we found that instead of having about an hour for their creative portraiture we had 15 minutes. Yikes! No fear…we can work miracles in 15 minutes.

So here are a few of my absolute fave’s from their 15 minutes. Not bad, I’d say. 😉

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