Oakmont Country Club Weddings | Pittsburgh

So here I am going thru Amanda & Peter’s photos and I realized that I hadn’t had a chance to really talk about these 2 yet and I really didn’t blog anything about their reception yet. Well here we go!

Ok–so as you can see, Amanda had great taste! I love love love that she incorporated bright colors with everything: green and orange. Probably 2 of my most fave colors. Everything everywhere was so bright and so beautiful. You all know me…I’m a details girl and I was giddy with delight to see all the little touches that Amanda put into her day.

Amanda & Peter were probably one of the sweetest couples we’ve worked with. Seriously, you get these 2 together and it’s all smiles, all love and hugs, and some incredible moments frozen in time. Sometimes when a bride and groom does their first dance it’s a bit….scary for them. I mean, think about it: 600 eyes watching your every move while sharing what is supposed to be a romantic moment with your new spouse. Talk about pressure. Should you kiss? Should you stare lovingly in each other’s eyes? Should you avoid eye contact all together? Did I jus step on your foot? Sorry ’bout that. Well as you can see below, Amanda & Peter did not have any trouble. Giggles, kisses, sweet looks and tons of smiles. Holy cow these 2 made our jobs easy that day.

So let the sweet dancing begin…

And the sweetest Dad EVER giving a very sweet speech (loved this guy!!)

And then the dance that usually never fails to bring a tear to my eye…

And the tear almost reached the tipping point while watching them dance slowly together. Then…all of a sudden (insert tire-screeching here) the music changes and these 2 just start busting out moves!

And then….the dancing.kicked.in.

And it’s just not a party till the groom falls…..

Such love….

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