Foodie Friday | Avocado Pesto Pasta

Mmmmmm…..I’m still out of town but couldn’t pass up an opportunity to share a delicious recipe with you that includes one of my most favorite ingredients ever: avocado.

I throw avocado in everything and anything I can because not only does it have a yummy taste but since it has a very creamy texture it is an excellent replacement for cheese, especially if you get a bit hummused out like I do. So when I came across this delicious recipe combining all of my favorites (garlic – oh my! – pasta – gimme gimme – basil – please stop…you’re just teasing me now – and of course…my love…avocado) I just had to make it….over and over and over.

Now, I could either just let you click the link above, copy Chef Chloe’s recipe word for word in my blog or do the smart thing and just command, shift, 4 on my Mac and take a screen shot and place it below. Gosh I’m one smart cookie.

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