A Non-Traditional Bride | Inspiration Session

I just love black and white photos. For some reason to me they can make a photo more….relevant, show more feeling and for some it makes the people pop right off the page. It’s funny how black and white can fit every photo. Sometimes it sits differently on a photo, but other times I can look at a photo in color and think “Nice.” And then see the exact same photo in black and white and think “NICE!” I guess it’s all in the perspective.

Nowadays there are so many different types of black and white. It’s no longer just the grayscale. There is black and white, high-contrast black and white, polaroid black and white, vintage black and white…the list is endless and I will say I love having so many options.

Here are a few from the indoor segment of the Vogue-Inspired Bridal Session that I designed, along with Justine Lyn, owner of Beauty Justified, and April Mason, owner of Mocha Rose Floral designs.

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