Pittsburgh Boudoir Photographer | Valentine’s Day Photography Special

So I’m sure you can tell by now I’m kind of slacking on my blogging responsibilities….sorry. :-/ But I at least have a good excuse: January through April is usually a bit slower for us because it’s the “off-season” for weddings and I like to take advantage of that to regenerate and gear back up for the upcoming season. So basically I’m being self-absorbed and indulgent in my lounging everyday in my pj’s while reading completely senseless things on the internet like Perez Hilton and how to make vegan cheesy nachos taste like real cheese instead of mouse poo (yes…I said it)

I did want to drop a few lovely photos of my girl J. I keep holding a few back so I can post a few at a time (don’t want anyone’s eyes popping out of their head during work hours). She is just lovely.

Also want to take this moment to remind all you lovely ladies about my Valentine’s Day Boudoir Photography Special. I’m going strong with it but still have spaces available so if you’re considering pampering yourself while also giving your loved one a special gift, I’m your girl. 😉

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