Intimates Photography

Well I had about 5 photos lined up to post from the “fur” segment of my Inspiration Session with Erica but my eye just kept coming back to this one photo. So who am I to fight it? Erica brought 2 fur stoles with her that belonged to her great-grandmother and they were quite luxurious. They just melted in with her buttery skin.

Then I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do with the photo. I had too many completely different looks I wanted for the same photo. So again–who am I fight it?? That’s the beauty of digital technology. Most of the time I like to keep a real, yet dreamy look to my Intimates photography. But with Erica‘s photos it seems easier to take a bit more risk with the editing. That’s what it’s all about right? Fantasy?

2 thoughts on “Intimates Photography

  1. Thanks, Liz – for nothing! I’ve just spent the night in intensive care plugged into a heart monitor after seeing these. And you can thank Erica as well. None of this does an old bloke any good! Keep this sort of stuff up and you’ll be receiving a funeral notice from Christine – along with arrangements for a photo shoot appointment time.

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