Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers | Moments

Ahhh….moments. They make a photographer happy when moments are captured for a lifetime through the lens. As much as I love our creative portraiture (and I do I do I do I do) I love nothing more than looking back over a wedding and seeing all the awesome moments that you know the bride and groom are just going to go gaga over.

So here are a few of my favorites from Laura & Zack’s wedding. And yes, all are in black and white. For some reason I am drawn to color for portraiture, but for me moments seem to be better expressed in photography in black and white. Call me crazy.


2 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers | Moments

  1. I will cherish this wedding at the Renaissance forever. All the moments were fun, captivating and so spectacular for all our families’ remembrances. I want a photo of each so I can relish in the happiness of “family”. They mean the world to me!! Thank you Elizabeth for making our family have the times of our lives!!You are far from crazy; you are creative and exquisite in all you capture. How does one say “Thank you for a job well done!” I am a proud Mother and will enjoy this wedding for years to come!

    1. WOW! What an amazing and touching comment Mrs. Kiley! You can’t imagine how much it means to us that your family is enjoying our photography of Laura & Zack’s wedding. It was truly a beautiful and love-filled day. We couldn’t have been more privileged to be a part of it all. It was our absolute pleasure.

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