Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers | Patrice & Frankie

OK–I haven’t even had a chance to touch on Patrice & Frankie’s wedding yet but let me say what a super fun couple this was. Everywhere I turned there was a smile, giggle or a funny moment. Both Patrice & Frankie are comical people and both had a great time hamming it up for the camera. And of course, both were so incredibly sweet.

I thought this was such an adorable photo. Patrice needed help getting her shoes on and with not a bridesmaid in site, her flower girls jumped right in to help.

Just so comical…

….and giggly…

…and so sweet…

And here is Frankie. Equally as comical…

…and adorable…

…and so sweet. Meet Nessy. You’ll hear a little more about this little friend later, but I will say she was probably the most honored guest of the day for Patrice & Frankie (check out that bow tie for Nessy).

Frankie…don’t be mad at me for posting this one! I had to! So daggone cute! And is it just me or does Frankie look like the long lost son of Sylvester Stallone?? Awesome!

2 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers | Patrice & Frankie

  1. I love this!! You and your husband did a wonderful job and im so thankful i found the both of you. Your work is OUTSTANDING!!! 🙂
    ❤ Patrice

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