Pin-Up Boudoir Photography | Elizabeth Craig Intimates

I.Am.Just.Giddy right at this very moment. As a matter of fact, this post is actually being written on Wednesday because I just can’t contain myself with the Intimates Session I just had today.

A little background here….I met Erica through my Intimates as Erica is a stylist I employ from time to time to do hair and makeup for my clients. On one particular session, Erica said that if I ever needed a muse…she was my girl. And the wheels started to turn. As you can see, Erica has a very distinctive style and with Pin-Up becoming a big segment of boudoir photography nowadays I thought it was time to do an Inspiration Session with Erica. Now, I have to say…I’m not the brightest, prettiest or even the funniest gal out there (OK–just so we’re clear here I’m only saying that because it sounds good but we all know the truth) but when I get an idea…WHAM! SLAMMY! POW! WOW!!!! LOOK.OUT!!!!!

Enter the gorgeousness that is Erica. I will be doing a series on Erica because we had so many looks and outfits I don’t even know where to begin. But I wanted to start out with something very retro and pin-up style.

Meet my Muse (insert voices of angels singing here…scratch that. Insert any 1980’s style Madonna song here).
Gobs and gobs and gobs more to come! Tee hee!

11 thoughts on “Pin-Up Boudoir Photography | Elizabeth Craig Intimates

  1. Happy Birthday Elizabeth!! My name is Yolanda and I am Ericas Granma from Texas. I want to thank you for the beautiful shots you’ve posted of Erica, you do beautiful work. My, they are outstanding! But I must say, You had a easy subject to work with.Erica has always loved the camera, ever since she was a baby. She is beautiful, inside and out. I cant wait to see what else y’all have in store. Thanks again. Hugs, Yolanda

    1. Yolanda…you are adorable. 🙂 Thanks for the Happy Birthday and the compliments and you are right! Erica was an incredibly easy subject. She’s gorgeous and the camera just loved her!

  2. Elizabeth,

    Erica is my cousin’s daugther. You had a beautiful young woman to work with! I will be looking forward to seeing more pics. of her in the future. I’m I photography lover and I think you did a great job on these pics.


  3. Erica , I always knew you’d be the one to go out there and do everything you want to do . You have a great photographer working to make you look your best. YOU added the beauty and glamour and awesome look!!!!! Love you so much, your PA grandma

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