Pittsburgh Wedding Photography | Justina & Bud

Been holding my breath waiting to introduce you to Justina & Bud! This was one of the funnest weddings we have had the pleasure of photographing. A father with kidneys behind his eyes, a groom that is just gaga for his bride, people on their backs on the dancefloor kicking their legs up in the air, a dad playing drums with the wedding band, and throwing of sandwiches to the crowd at the end of the night….What.A.Day.

But I thought I’d start out with the simple stuff. Justina & Bud loved this vintage car and we loved photographing them with the car! It was all so romantic.

Cannot even begin to tell you how much more is to come with this wedding!

4 thoughts on “Pittsburgh Wedding Photography | Justina & Bud

  1. I can not wait to see photos!! As the florist of this awesome wedding I really enjoyed Justina and her family as well and I know your pictures are going to make me so excited. Hope you don’t mind sharing some with me!!
    Patti Kuhn
    Owner/Posies by Patti

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