Fairytale Wedding Photography | Green Gables Restaurant

Well well well….*sigh*….as you can see from the photos below we had a magnificent wedding this past weekend. Hopefully you remember Amy & Colin from our Engagement Session with them last year. Well this past weekend we had the pleasure of photographing their outdoor wedding at Green Gables Restaurant near Jennerstown, PA (for those of you wondering how we lasted in the heat…we did…barely…but it was worth it!)

The grounds at Green Gables are simply beautiful. Just amazing scenery right out of a Disney movie. A stream with a tiny waterfall, huge weeping willow trees, flowers, swans and even a beaver that works very hard every night to build a dam at the waterfall (you thought you beat me this time beaver but I won! –insert picture of me on my hands and knees cleaning out the muck-of-a-dam from this beaver here–Elizabeth: 1. Beaver: 0)

So that evening while everyone was getting their party on, John & I decided to take a quick walk on the grounds to see if there were any cool places to take some additional photos of Amy & Colin. And we came upon this lovely tree all lit up in the middle of darkness. Cut to us having Amy & Colin dance under this tree while I snap off the first photo from about 50 feet away and then lay on my side on the ground to get the second photo. For you photographers out there, the 2nd photo was at 4000 ISO at a 13th of a second…no tripod. I can’t help but feel just a teeny tiny bit impressed with myself on that one (sorry John…we all know how much you preach about the tripod).

My fave…

8 thoughts on “Fairytale Wedding Photography | Green Gables Restaurant

  1. It was a beautiful wedding. We had a great time. I am so proud of my nephews. The MOG looked gorgeous, and I know she’s so excited to finally have a daughter. Best wishes to everyone. Love, Aunt Kate

  2. Thank you so much Elizabeth and John on capturing all those special moments for Amy, Colin, and all of us to look back on with joy. The pictures and slideshow were amazing. We knew these pictures would be special after seeing the great job you did with Amy and Colin’s engagement photo’s.
    Mike and Jan

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